Many times the spaces between our "old" roles/jobs and our "new" ones are something that we move through passively. This course gives you insights into the many opportunities that you have to be proactive and make the most of not just this one transition, but do things that can have a positive impact on the trajectory of your entire career!

Kathryn Y Robinson

Hi there! I am Kathryn Robinson, the creator and instructor for this course.

I am glad you are here! I have been fortunate to have a dynamic and diverse career - traversing different functions and roles. I've learned a lot on my own journey, and will be sharing that with you in this course. Let's get started!

Maximizing Your Career Transition Course Curriculum

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  Introduction and Overview
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  Exploring the Four Focus Areas for Maximizing Your Success
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  Putting the concepts to work for your unique career transition!
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Maximizing Your Career Transitions

Four Strategies for Navigating Career Transitions

Get insights into pragmatic strategies that you can start using right away to get ready for a career transition.

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Think strategically with respect to the long trajectory of your career about what constitutes a "transition" opportunity.

  • Gain perspective regarding four unique areas of focus that are deserving of your attention during career transitions.

  • Develop a personalized plan for career transition success across four key pillars by leveraging proven methodologies.

  • Take advantage of practical check lists created specifically for different types of career transitions as a starting point for developing a comprehensive personal roadmap.